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Anuja Joshi – My Mother Tongue

Instagram is such a great place to meet amazing people, and early this year I was fortunate enough to virtually meet Anuja Joshi, an Indian Product Designer living in New York. This discovery came about when I stumbled upon her product PikkaBox; explore the world through everyday local objects. I was immediately intrigued and I just had to learn more.

Anuja grew up in Mumbai, India and moved to Pasadena, Los Angeles to study for her masters. She describes her culture shock as follows “imagine moving from a big city to suddenly living in the country.” It explains why she feels closest to home now that she’s living in New York.

Anuja’s company, PikkaBox, was born in June 2015 out of the love she and her husband have for travel, cultural integration and telling stories. They wanted to share the stories they learned, and their experiences with family and friends. So, as they travelled the world, they started creating mystery boxes filled with local items. Each item is so very special because Anuja paired it with a short story of it’s history.

In this episode Anuja shares stories about her upbringing in Mumbai, India and how everyone speaks three different languages; a mother tongue, the national language and english. She talks to us about her untraditional-traditional family and the many beautiful customs they have. Anuja also shares with us the story behind the launch of PikkaBox and how it’s already been to 9 countries in less than two years.

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Highlights and Takeaways:

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