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James Hsu – Breaking The Mold

James Hsu, a first generation Chinese American who was born and raised in Southern California. James grew up in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood, then moved to orange county in middle school. He went to college in Pomona for Graphic Design, and has now transitioned into UI/UX and product design.

James Hsu is currently the Head of Design at Tongal,  there he works on building great user experiences and interface solutions. Thus far, his career path is jam packed with greatness. James worked as a Senior Visual Designer, Lead UI/UX designer and as an Art Director for companies like Live NationMicrosoft andDisney. In his free time he serves as a chair member for AIGA Los Angeles.

In this episode James will be sharing stories about his upbringing as a Chinese American, and how he never quite fit in with any group of friends that he had growing up. He’ll also be talking to us about his Chinese customs, and how the cultural sensitivities play into his day to day life. James will also talk to us about breaking the mold that people try to put you in, and how you could embrace your weird.

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Highlights and Takeaways:

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