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Niran Aldulaimi Slykerman – Cultural Chemistry

Niran Aldulaimi Slykerman an Iraqi refugee who was born in Thailand, grew up in Iraq and became a scientist after moving to the U.S seven years ago. As a child Niran always had dreams bigger than herself, and she is thankful everyday for all the opportunities she’s been given since entering the U.S.

Nirans first accomplishment since arriving to the U.S was becoming a scientist in the feild of Microbiology. Her second accomplishment was finding the love of her life! By day, Niran works on proving nutritional guarantees in animal foods for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. During her free time she paints away her emotional journey.

In this episode Niran talks to us about how she doesn’t label herself under any specific heritage. She shares with us the multiple customs she’s picked up as she made her way to the U.S. Niran also share with us the many stories of struggle and success that lead her to become the person she is today.

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Highlights and Takeaways:

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