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Luna Linsey – Mistaken Identity

Luna Linsey is a third generation Polish American who was born in Buffalo, NY and was raised in a very proud Polish household. At a young age Linsey’s father empowered her and encouraged her to embrace their diverse Polish-American culture through story telling.

For the longest time I thought Linsey was of German descent. Linsey and I met the year I worked in a print shop called “The Spot” at the University of Central Florida. She was in the middle of planing her trip to Germany, where her brother was getting married. While preparing for this episode I learned that I was so wrong, and a few hundred miles off.

There is no surprise that today; Linsey tells brand stories primarily through illustration. Her focus is in storytelling, digital marketing techniques and production design. Linsey’s work is unique because it’s heavily inspired by culture and folklore.

In this episode Linsey shares stories about her Polish culture and her first time visiting Poland. She talks about how she manages to travel on a budget, and how those experiences influence her illustration style. Linsey also talk to us about the trip her great grandparents made to come to the U.S. and if it weren’t for that journey she wouldn’t exist today.

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Highlights and Takeaways:

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