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Nathalie Vazquez – Language Barrier

They say love has no barriers and in Nathalie Vazquez’s case love defied all barriers. Nathalie’s Grandma left Costa Rica at a young age and moved to the U.S looking for an adventure. Little did she know, that her adventure would revolve around a young German soldier. Defying a language barrier, they got to know each others by translating their feelings, word by word, using a dictionary.

Nathalie Vazquez practices such passion and determination everyday as a Specials Projects Designer working for Vistana Signature Experiences. There, she creates marketing and sales collateral for a network of more than 1,300 Starwood Preferred Guest hotels and resorts around the world. Being multi-cultural comes with it’s unique challenges for Nathalie, but it has been a unique factor into the successful launch of her career.

In this episode Nathalie shares stories about her Costa Rican, Puerto Rican, and German heritage, and the lovely story behind how her grandparents met. She talks about her first time visiting family in Germany and how it shed light on her lifestyle and upbringing in Miami, Florida. Nathalie also be talks about, how being multi-cultural has helped her build a strong research process that focuses on being culturally sensitive.

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Highlights and Takeaways:

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