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Alexa Ponce – Discovering My Roots

They say ignorance is bliss, but that isn’t always true. Especially when it comes to not knowing where your roots are from. Alexa Ponce is a first generation Cuban American who’s been on a journey to discovering the story behind her family leaving Cuba to move to the United States. She’s fortunate enough that most of her great Aunts and Uncles are still alive today, and could answer all of her questions.

For over a year now Alexa’s been reaching out to her family members collecting their stories and pictures as a passion project. She’s been keeping a record of all of her findings on After taking the DNA test, Alexa discovered that she is 50% Spanish from Spain. This lead her to dig deeper and learn the stories behind her great grandparents making their way from Spain to Cuba.

Alexa currently works for XYMOGEN as a Print Designer, but her love for design is not limited to a day job. In her free time, Alexa works as a freelance multi-media designer for different companies nation wide. Alexa is happiest when she is out in the world, traveling, exploring and photographing her adventures.

In this episode Alexa shares stories about her Cuban American heritage and how her family made it’s way to the U.S. She talks about her upbringing feeling different even though she grew up in Miami surrounded by other Cuban Americans. She also shares the story behind her struggles trying to discover and document her family tree.

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Highlights and Takeaways:

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